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Showing 1 to 2 out of total 2 properties in Bishnupur

Showing 1 to 2 out of total 2 properties in Bishnupur

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We have enlisted some hotels and resorts in Bishnupur of Bankura district in Indian state West Bengal. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the hotel or resort as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.


Bishnupur, popularly known as the temple town, is a renowned tourist destination located in the Bankura district. The famous temples of this town are made of the local terracotta.  There are some renowned temples such as Rasmancha (pyramid-shaped), Jore Bangla Temple, Madan Mohan Temple etc where the history and culture of West Bengal are truly found. Here we get in touch with the history of Malla dynasty. Mallabhun was the kingdom of Malla Rajas, who ruled over the South-western part of the current Indian state West Bengal and a small part of Jharkhand.


How to reach Bishnupur

By Air : The nearest airport to Bishnupur is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata airport). The distance is around 140 kilometers by road.

By Train : Direct trains are available frequently from Howrah railway station (in Kolkata) to Bishnupur railway station.

By Road : Bus services are available from Kolkata and nearby cities and towns like Asansol, Panagarh, Durgapur and Burdwan to Bankura. Local train, bus and cabs are easily available from Bankura to Bishnupur.


What to see in Bishnupur / Places to visit near Bishnupur

1)      Rasmancha : Rasmancha is a historical temple located in Bishnupur, a small town of the Bankura district in Indian state West Bengal. It is a unique looking temple with the mixture of the shape of Pyramid, huts and Islamic architecture. The temple is made of bricks and local laterite stone. A fair is held here every year on the occasion of Rash Purnima.

2)      Jorebangla Temple : Jorebangla Temple is an ancient temple located in Bishnupur. It was built by a renowned Malla King Raghunatha Singha. The temple looks like a pair of typical Bengali huts with ‘Atchala’, so it is called Jore Bangla.

3)      Madan Mohan Temple : Madan Mohan temple is also an ancient temple located in Bishnupur. This small but beautiful temple was built by Malla King Durjana Singh Dev in the late 17th century for their family deity Radha-Krishna. It has a square flat roof with curved cornices. The wall of the temple is decorated with impressivr scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas.


4)      Pancharatna Shyamrai Temple : Pancha Ratna temple, popularly known as Shyam Rai temple, is a significant temple of Bishnupur. It was built by the Malla king Raghunath Singha in 17th century. It is one of the finest among the terracotta temples of west Bengal for its superior figurines and floral patterns.

5)      Lalji Temple : Lalji Temple is another beautiful temple in Bishnupur. This temple is devoted to Lord Radha-Krishna. This temple was built by Malla King Bir Singha.

6)      Kalachand Temple: Kalachand Temple is situated just beside of the Jore Bangla temple. This temple was built by the Malla king Raghunath Singha in the eighteenth century. Kalachand temple is one of the must visit temple in Bishnupur. A beautiful ‘Tulsi Mancha’ is there inside the premises.

7)      Joypur Forest : Joypur forest is a small beautiful forest located nearer to the Bishnupur. Although the forest is unknown to many, the scenic beauty of this place is eye soothing with the vast range of Shal, Shegun etc.

8)      Gangani : Gangani, popularly known as the ‘Grand Canyon of Bengal’, is gradually increasing its popularity by its unique characteristics. It is only 28 kilometers from Bishnupur by road.

9)      Kamarpukur and Jayrambati : Kamarpukur and Jayrambati are easily accessible from Bishnupur since the distances are 48 kms and 43 kms respectively from Bishnupur. Kamarpukur is the birth place of Paramhangsa Shri Shri Ramakrishna, the great religious prophet and Jayrambati is the birth place of Maa Sarada Devi, wife of Shri Ramakrishna.  


Where to stay in Bishnupur / Accommodation in Bishnupur

Few hotels and Resorts are available in Bishnupur to accommodate their guests.


The Best time to visit Baranti is October to March.

From Kolkata to Bishnupur, it is about 140 kilometers by road.

By Train or Rail : Bishnupur itself is a railway station and anyone can reach there from Kolkata (Howrah Railway Station) by direct train. You can avail Rupasi Bangla Express, Howrah Purulia SF Express to reach Bishnupur.

By Bus : Frequent bus services are available from Kolkata (Dharmatala bus stand) to Bishnupur. Actually Bishnupur is well connected to the major cities of the neighbouring states.

By Car : If you are coming from Kolkata, you have to reach Bishnupur via Dankuni, Arambag, Kotulpur and Joypur.

Jorebangla Temple, Rasmancha, Lalji Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Biharinath Hill, Jhilimili, Mukutmanipur, Susunia Hill etc.

Bishnupur is a small town located in the Bankura district of the Indian state West Bengal.

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