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Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Rishikhola

Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Rishikhola

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We have enlisted some Homestays and resorts in Rishikhola in West Bengal. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the home stay as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Rishikhola, also known as Rishi Khola and Reshi Khola, one of the most favoured tourist destinations  in the bank of river Rishi , situated very nearer to the border of West Bengal and East Sikkim. The most attractive thing of this place is the natural melody of the frequently flowing stream. You can make plan for a camp fire at river side of course keeping the river and the charming environment  undisturbed as much as possible.  You do not need much activities as the surroundings itself is a package of adventure. You need to just reach out and find out an accommodation in Rishikhola to enjoy the never forgettable beauty.  You can do sightseeing or do trek or just relax – whatever you like.

How to reach Rishikhola

Nearest Airport : Bagdogra airport (IXB). It is about 107 kilometers by road from Bagdogra to Rishikhola.

Nearest Railway Station : New Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP). It is about 101 kilometers by road from NJP to Rishikhola.

From Bagdogra or NJP or Tenzing Norgey Bus Terminus, you have to take the sevoke road first. After reaching Kalimpong take right turn towards the way of Silk Route and then reach Rishikhola via Pedong.

What to see in Rishikhola / Places to visit in Rishikhola

1)Kalimpong : Kalimpong is a well known and most nearer city to Rishikhola. It is about 45 kilometers by road from Kalimpong to Rishi Khola. You can make a plan for excursion trip to Kalimpong city. One day is enough for kalimpong city tour and return back to Rishi Khola.

2)Pedong : Pedong is a historical and peaceful town nearer to Rishikhola. It is about 22 kilometers by road from Rishi Khola to Pedong. Sangchen Dorjee Monastery or Pedong monastery is one of the main attractions of Pedong. You can easily make a trip to Pedong from Rishikhola while staying.

3)Sillery Gaon : Sillery Gaon is a small hamlet with pristine beauty by nature. This spot is about 30 kilometers by road from Rishikhola.

4)Icche Gaon : Icchegaon is also a tiny hamlet nearer to Rishi Khola. This location is about 37 kilometers by road.

5)Rongli : If you have a wish to visit Old Silk Route, then you have to get permit from Rongli. There are very few accommodations in Rongli to stay. You can easily reach out Rongli from Rishikhola in the morning of your desired date to get permit with necessary documents. Your homestay owner or manager will definitely help to in this matter if you inform them earlier.

6)Padamchen : Padamchen is a tiny hamlet in Old Silk Route and you can easily come across this place from Rishi Khola after getting permit. The distance in between these two places is about 20 kilometers by road.

7) Lava : Lava, a small historical town, is about 44 kilomters by road from Rishikhola. An excursion trip can be planned to Lava with Rishyap from Rishikhola for a bit different taste.

,p>8)Rishyap : Rishyap, a small mountain village near to Lava, is about 47 kilometers by road from Rishikhola. An excursion trip can be planned to Rishyap with Rishyap from Rishikhola for a bit different taste.  

Where to stay in Rishikhola / Accommodation in Rishikhola

For being located in an untouched place, you can find only a few homestays and cottage resorts in Rishikhola. Any luxurious accommodation like star hotels and resorts  are not available in Rishikhola.

We have curated home stays accross North Bengal & Sikkim and you can book home stays directly with the owner without paying any commission.

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