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Showing 1 to 3 out of total 3 properties in Garpanchakot

Showing 1 to 3 out of total 3 properties in Garpanchakot

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We have enlisted some Hotels and Resorts in Garpanchkot of Purulia district in West Bengal. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the hotel or resort as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Garpanchkot is a small place located near Panchet dam of Purulia district of West Bengal. Panchet is also the local name of Garpanchkot. It is a historical place where Panchkot Raj was established by Damodar Sekhar probably during early 90 AD. Panchkot Raj was probably a part of old Tilakampa Kingdom. Telkupi was the capital of this kingdom. The Garh of the Garhpanchkot was a part of the Singh Deo dynasty of Panchkot.

Garpanchkot was attacked by the ‘Borgi’, the infamous gang of robbers from Maharastra. They defeated the King’s guards and destroyed the garh after plundering the palace. It is believed and said that all the seventeen wives of the king committed suicide in a nearby well, which was very close to the Garpanchkot temple, during the attack. There is a ruin of Panchratna Temple which continues to bear witness to history. After the reconstruction, the temple is now a well known tourist destination.

Apart from the history, the place Garpanchkot is itself a charming place with lush green surroundings along with hills and lake. People love to escape there again and again to embrace the nature.

How to reach Garpanchkot

By Rail or Train : Ramkanali Junction and Muradi Railway stations are the 2 nearest railway station to Garpanchkot. Te distance from both stations is about 5 kilometers. Kumardubi, Muguma, Barakar, Asansole, Adra etc are the nearer railway stations to Garpanchkot. Local vehicles are easily available from these stations to reach Garhpanchkot.

From Howrah Station, you can avail Black Diamond Express, Shaktipunj Express, Coalfield express, Doon Express, Mumbai Mail etc. to reach your destination.

By Road : Volvo bus and other luxury bus is available from Esplanade, Kolkata to reach Asansol. From Asansol local vehicles are available to hire for reaching Garpanchkot. Hotels and Resorts authority also arrange pick up drop facilities from Asansol.

By Air : Kolkata airport or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport is the nearest airport to Garpanchkot. The distance between these two places is about 257 kilometers by road. You can reach Garpanchkot from here directly by cab by pre booking method or can get train from Howrah station up to Asansol or can get bus from Esplanade up to Asansol.

What to see in Garpanchkot / Places to visit near Garpanchkot

1) Panchet Hill or Panchkot Pahar : Panchet hill or Panchkot Pahar is one of the most interesting points to the travellers who visit Garpanchkot tourist place. Garh of Garhpanchkot is a historical place which attracts history loving travellers also.

2) Panchet Dam : Panchet dam is one of the great initiative of DVC. There was a project of DVC under which total 4 dams were constructed across Damodar river. Panchet dam is the last made dam of this project. It is a very good place for one day outing or picnic with family and friends. Panchet dam is about 15 kilometers from Garpanchkot.

3) Telkupi : Telkupi is now a submerged area which has archaeological significance. A large number of temples were built over there within a small area. Telkupi was the capital of old Tilakampa Kingdom. This place is about 60 kilometers from Garpanchkot.

4) Maithon Dam : Maithon dam is one of the most famous dam near Garpanchkot. This dam is very much well known among travellers due to its scenic natural beauty and water activities like boating. There are different type of packages for boating depending upon time duration. So it is a great place to spend one or two days with family and friends. Maithon dam is about 43 kilometers from Garpanchkot.

5) Baranti Lake : Branti Lake or Muradi lake is a small, quiet and scenic place in the vicinity of Ramchandrapur Irrigation Project. It is located in between two small hills; Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill. This charing lake offers one of the most beautiful sunset across the West Bengal. Branti lake is about 12 kilometers from Garpanchkot.

6) Kalyaneswari Temple : Kalyaneswari Temple is a well known and popular temple located near to Garhpanchkot and very near to Asansol. The temple premises is a cam and serene place. Anyone shouldn’t miss the ancient temple behind the main temple. It is said and believed that Wishes get fulfilled here. This temple is about 35 kms from Garpanchkot and 20 kms from Asansol city.


Where to stay in Garpanchkot / Accommodation in Garpanchkot

A few number of hotels and resorts are available in Garpanchkot and nearby places to accommodate guests and tourists. No home stays are also available there in Garpanchkot.

We have curated home stays accross North Bengal & Sikkim and you can book home stays directly with the owner without paying any commission.

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