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Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Zuluk

Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Zuluk

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We have enlisted some Homestays in Zuluk in Sikkim. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the home stay as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Dzuluk or Zuluk is a small mountain hamlet located in the Sikkim Old Silk Rout or Eastern Sikkim. This is one of the most praised tourist destinations in Silk Rout. The glorious Zigzag road is visible from The Thambi View Point of Zuluk only. It’s one of the most popular hair-pinned roads in the world. Zuluk is the base point from where anyone can explore the high altitude points of Old Silk Rout area. Zuluk is the very first village to offer home stay facilities within this Old Silk Rout circuit. It was once a trnsit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to China.

How to reach Zuluk

Nearest Airport : Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Zuluk. The distance from Bagdogra to Zuluk is about 138 kilometres by road and takes more or less 6 hours to reach.

Actually Pakyong Airport is the nearest to Zuluk, but it is not accessible from all the cities.

Nearest Railway Station : NJP or New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Zuluk. From NJP to Zuluk it is about 134 kilometres by driving and takes more or less 6 and half hours to reach.

What to see in Zuluk / Places to visit near Zuluk

1) Thambi View Point : Thambi View Point is one of the most favoured sightseeing points of Sikkim Silk Route circuit among tourists. The famous Zigzag road with 32 hairpin loops are visible from here. If anyone can reach there by 4 am, can experience a stunning view of Sunrise at the background of Snow capped Himalayas long with Mt. Khanchendzonga. This view point is only 14 kilometers from Zuluk by road.

2) Lungthung : Lungthung is an another view point with stunning view of Mt. Khanchendzonga and its sister peaks near Zuluk. It is around 18 kilometers from Zuluk by road.

3) Nathang Valley : Nathang Valley or Gnathang Valley is the highest accommodation point and snow falling zone in Silk Route area. This place has become very much admired among tourists for its splendid surroundings. Nathang valley is only 24 kilometers from zuluk. If anyone doesn’t like to night stay in a chilled weather like Nathang Valley, can easily make a day trip from Zuluk and enjoy the nature.

4) Old Baba Mandir : Old Baba Mandir is a memorial for Harbhajan Singh, an ex army man, a warrior of 1962 indo-China War. His Uniform, used things are preserved there to remind his great sacrifice during the war and his entire service life. Old Baba Mandir is about 35 kilometers from Zuluk by road.

5) Tukla Valley : Tukla Valley is a small, mountain valley where the famous Old Baba Mandir is located. This valley remains covered by snow in the winter upto April and so, it is gradually becoming popular among snow lovers.

6) Kupup Lake : Kupup Lake is a charming and high altitude lake, can be seen as a sightseeing point from Zuluk. This lake is also called as Elephant lake for its shape. Yak Golf Course, the highest golf course in the world, is situated near Kupup lake. This lake is about 32 kilometers from Zuluk by road.

7) Menmecho Lake : Menmecho lake is another high altitude lake in Sikkim Silk Route circuit. Being surrounded by Jelep la Mountains, this lake is fed by snow and it is the source of Rangpo Chu or Rangpo river. This lake is about 33 kilometers by road from Zuluk.

8) New Baba Mandir : New Baba Mandir is one of the most well known place among tourists, visit Sikkim. It is the new version of Old Baba Mandir.

9) Tsomgo Lake : This is a must visit place while travelling in Sikkim as well as Gangtok. A high altitude lake, surrounded by mountains, give a stunning look with melted snow.

10) Nathula Pass : Nathu La is a pass connecting India and China and was with great importance as it was the connecting point in between India and China. Being situated at the height of 14,000 feet it remains covered by snow in the winter. An army bunker is there and anyone can visit the border area and their life over there.

Where to stay in Zuluk / Accommodation in Zuluk

Being one of the most popular destinations in Silk Route, a good numbers of homestays are available in Zuluk. For its high altitude, star category hotels or resorts are not available in Zuluk.

We have curated home stays accross North Bengal & Sikkim and you can book home stays directly with the owner without paying any commission.

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