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Showing 1 to 2 out of total 2 properties in Susunia

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Susunia Hills

We have enlisted some Hotels and Resorts in Susunia Hill of Bankura district in West Bengal. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the hotel or resort as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Susunia hill is located at the north-western part of Bankura district in southern West Bengal. Susunia is a part of Eastern Ghat. It is also reserved for medicinal plants on account of the richness of medicinal flora as well as normal flora. Due to less elevation (height is 448 m), Susunia is the ideal place for rock climbers and trekkers to start their journey. Many rock climbing courses are arranged by different organizers here in winter.

Susunia Hill is a known archaeological and fossil site. Fossil remains of Asiatic lion, giraffe, hyena and many other animals. So, it is claimed as oldest rock inscription of West Bengal.

Raja Chandravarman, king of the ancient Pushkarana kingdom of Bankura district, had his for on Susunia Hill. ‘Silalipi’ is found here too. A stone made ‘Narasimha, can be found at the foot hill. A temple of Kalimata is over there. A spring is situated just beside the temple. The water of this spring is clear and is used as drinking water across the village.

How to reach Susunia Hill

By Rail or Train : Chhatna is the nearest railway station from Susunia Hill as it is only 13 kms from Susunia Hills. You can avail HWH CKP EXP (18011) or HWH BKSC EXP (18013) to reach Chhatna. But it is suggested to avoid this rout as total number of trains are less and timings are also inconvenient to check in resorts or hotels in Susunia or near Susunia hill.

The best way to reach Susunia is to opt for Ranigunj Station. It is about 32 kms from Ranigunj to Susunia. A plenty of train from Howrah is available to reach Ranigunj like Black Diamond, Agnibina, Shatabdi etc. You can also choose Bankura Station to reach Susunia if Santragachhi or Shalimar station is convenient to catch the train. In that case you can avail SRC PRR SUF EXP (12883) from Santragachhi or SHM BJE SUF EXP (12885) from Shalimar or Santragachhi station.

By Road : It is about 220 kms from Kolkata to Susunia. Here is the rout detail to reach Susunia from Kolkata.


Only One Bus is available everyday (except Sunday) from Esplanade to direct Susunia at 2 pm.

Plenty of SBSTC, WBTC, Volvo buses are available from Esplanade to Ranigunj and Bankura everyday. So it is suggested to catch these buses and after reaching Ranigunj or Bankura, hire a private cab to reach your resort or hotel in or near Susunia.

By Air : Kolkata airport or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport is the nearest airport to Susunia. The distance between these two places is about 225 kilometers by road. You can reach Susunia from here directly by cab booking method or can get train from Howrah or Shalimar or Santragachhi station up to Chhatna or Banura or Ranigunj and then by private cab hiring.

What to see in Susunia/ Places to visit near Susunia

1) Susunia Dhara Waterfalls : Susunia Dhara waterfall is located on the Susunia hill and it is the only natural water source for drinking water. The steps are broken, but very beautiful. Not so hard to climb it up. So, it’s the must visiting place while holidaying in Susunia.

2) Sushunia Stone curving village : Susunia happens to be a renowned archaeological site that bears evidence of stone articles which were made here and used for thousands of years. This place is home to one of the most ancient forms of stone carving handed down from the Maurya and Gupta ages.

3) Bharatpur Patachitra SHILPOGRAM : Bharatpur is a small village in Susunia, is well known for pot painting. The painters do this job for generations. The subject of the paintings are taken from different sector like history, mythology etc. they use only organic colours for painting like leaves, tree bark etc. No chemical colours are used by them for their pot painting. You can by some preferred home decor from them.

4) Gangua Dam : Gangua dam is a lesser known dam near Susunia. This serene place is surrounded by forest and some chirping birds can be found here. This dam is built on a river called Shali.

5) Koro pahar, Kapistha Ashram & Parvati temple : Koro Pahar, Kapistha Ashram and Parvati Temples are 3 significant tourist destinations which should not be missed while holidaying in Susunia.

6) Biharinath Hill : Biharinath Hill, the tallest hill of Bankura district, is a part of East Ghat. A shiv mandir, called Biharinath temple or mandir, is there at the foot of this hill. This renowned temple is easily accessible by car since the location of this temple is on plain area of convenient place. Biharinath hill is about 33 kms by road from Susunia hill.

7) Garpanchkot : Garpanchkot is a renowned and historical tourist place located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. You can visit the historical temple (it is renovated now) with the ruins to get the exact essence of this place. Garpanchkot is about 49 kms by road from Susunia.

8) Baranti Lake : Baranti Lake or Muradi lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Purulia district for now a days. This lake offers probably the best sunset across West Bengal. This lake is only 37 kilometers by road from Susunia hill. It is also very near to Garpanchkot.

9) Bishnupur : Bishnupur is popularly known as the ‘temple town’. The temples of Bishnupur are steeped in history and each has its own history and architecture. Bishnupur is about 62 kms by road from Susunia hill.

10) Joypur Forest : Joypur forest is very near to Bishpur town and gaining popularity day by day among tourists for its splendid natural beauty. This forest is about 76 kilometers by road from Susunia Hill.

Where to stay in Susunia / Accommodation in Susunia

A very few number of hotels and resorts are available in Susunia and nearby places to accommodate guests. Homestays are not available there in Susunia.

We have curated home stays accross North Bengal & Sikkim and you can book home stays directly with the owner without paying any commission.

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