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Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Lingtam

Showing 1 to 5 out of total 5 properties in Lingtam

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We have enlisted some Homestays in Lingtam in Sikkim. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the home stay as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Lingtam is a less crowded still more beautiful hamlet in Sikkim Old Silk Rout of Sikkim State. Bakhuterkhola, a small river flows over Lingtam to make this village more charming and splendid. Being situated at around 5000 feet above sea level, the weather remains soothing from March to June. In monsoon it is advisable to not visit Lingtam. October and November is also good to visit there. At the winter season it is very cold there and not suitable for all travelers. Two beautiful monasteries are there in Lingtam. One is old and another one is new.

How to reach Lingtam

Nearest Airport : Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport from Lingtam. The distance from Bagdogra to Lingtam is about 122 kilometres by road and takes more or less 6 and half hours to reach.

Actually Pakyong Airport is the near most from Lingtam, but it is not accessible from all the cities.

Nearest Railway Station : NJP or New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the near most railway station from Lingtam. From NJP to Lingam it is about 117 kilometres by driving and takes more or less 6 and half hours to reach.

What to see in Lingtam / Places to visit near Lingtam

1) Rongli : Rongli is the check post and permit point to visit Old Silk Rout. Rongli is about 13 kilometeres to reach by driving from Lingtam.

2) Padamchen : Padamchen is now a renowned tourist destination for its natural beauty, location, comfortable accommodations and accessibility to the old silk rout tour. This place is only 8 kilometres by road from Lingtam.

3) Zuluk : Zuluk is one of the most charming place to visit in Sikkim old silk rout. The renowned zig zag road is visible from Zuluk only. This place is about 17 kiometres from Lingtam.

4) Nathang Valley : Nathang Valley or Gnathang valley is the highest staying point in the old Silk Rout tour. Being situated at the altitude of 13500 feet Nathang valley remains covered with snow for the maximum time of the year. This place is about 40 kilometers by road from Lingtam.

Where to stay in Lingtam / Accommodation in Lingtam

Being situated at a remote village there are a very few homestays available in Lingtam. No hotels or resorts are available to stay there.

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