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Showing 1 to 9 out of total 9 properties in Baranti

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We have enlisted some Hotels and Resorts in Baranti of Purulia district in West Bengal. You can find actual owner’s name & contact number here. So, you can book the hotel or resort as per your choice and budget directly with contacting the host & without any middle man.

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Baranti is a small tribal village located at the north eastern side of Purulia district in West Bengal. This is situated just beside the Baranti Lake. Branti has gained the fame among tourists currently due to its splendid natural beauty, which is the fusion of lake, hills and forest. Muradi Lake (alias Baranti lake) offers one of the best Sunset views of entire West Bengal. You can get the pure essence of Rarh Bangla here with rural environment and culture, arid soil, lush green surroundings, mountains etc.


How to reach Baranti

By Rail or Train : Baranti is situated in between two well known stations. One is Muradi station which is about 5 kilometers from Baranti and another one is Madhukunda station which is about 8 kilometers from Baranti. Local vehicles are available from both the stations to reach Baranti.

The best way to reach Baranti from Kolkata by train is to catch a train up to Asansole. Then take a cab to reach Baranti. It is about 36 kilometers by road from Asansole to Baranti and takes more or less one and half hour to reach.

By Road : To reach Baranti from Kolkata you need to drive viaDurgapur Expressway, Andal, Punjabi More (then take left), Mejia-Saltara and Santuri. The total distance between Kolkata and Baranti is about 230 kilometers.

By Air : Kolkata airport or Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose airport is the nearest airport to Baranti. The distance between these two places is about 235 kilometers by road. You can reach Baranti from here directly by cab by pre booking method or can get train from Howrah or Sealdah station up to Asansole and then Up to Muradi or Madhukunda station by Adra line.


What to see in Baranti / Places to visit near Baranti

1) Garpanchkot : Garpanchkot is a ruined fort situated at the foot of Panchkot hill, in Purulia district of West Bengal. This is a serene and peaceful place with lush green forest near Baranti. It’s a picturesque tourist destination which definitely shouldn’t be missed while travelling in Baranti. It is about 13 kilometers by road from Garpanchkot to Baranti.

2) Joychandi Hill : Joychandi Hill or Joychandi Pahar is an another well known hill in Purulia district of West Bengal. A temple is there at the top of the Joychandi hill. You have to climb about 500 stairs to reach the top. The journey is quiet tough for general people but if you reach, can experience a blissful and not forgettable view over there. The journey is enjoyable for trekkers and adventure lovers. There is an emotion about Joychandi Pahar among Bengalis; some important seen of ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’ a famous film by honourable Bengali director Satyajit Ray, was shot over here. This hill is about 31 kilometers by road from Baranti to Joychandi Pahar.

3) Panchet Dam : Panchet dam is situated in border of West Bengal and Jharkhand. This dam is built across the Damodar river in Panchet area (Dhanbad district) of Jharkhand. This place has been popular among local people as a picnic spot for its sizzling view along with Panchet hill. Anyone can enjoy a beautiful sunset over here. It is about 24 kilometers by road from Baranti to Panchet dam.

4) Kalyaneshwari temple : Kalyaneshwari Temple is situated in Asansole Sadar Subdivision of Paschim Bardhaman district and nearer to the West Bengal and Jharkhand border. Maithon dam is also very much nearer to this place. This is a very much peaceful place. It is believed that wishes get fulfilled here. It is about 37 kilometers by road from Baranti to Kalyaneswari temple.

5) Maithon Dam : Maithon dam is situated in Maithon, a small town located at the border of Jharkhand and West Bengal. This dam has been constructed across Barakar river to control flood and generate electricity. This place is very much well known among nearby people for its splendid natural beauty which is the mixture of water body, small patches of Jungle and hillocks. Boating option is available there for the adventure lovers. Te best time to visit Maithon dam is winter and monsoon. The weather remains charming in Winter, but in monsoon the view of the dam area is mesmerizing; river is full with water and its flow is spellbinding. Maithon dam is about 48 kilometers from Baranti.

6) Biharinath Hill : Biharinath Hill, the tallest hill of Bankura district of West Bengal, is gaining its fame day to day among tourists for its serene location and unparalleled natural beauty. There is a famous temple (Biharinath Temple) situated on Biharinath hill. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the hill is named after him. Biharinath hill is about 21 kilometers far from Baranti.

7) Susunia Hill : Susunia is a well known hill with calm environment situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal. This is the hill where many rock climbers start their journey since it is a small hill, not much elevation. The best time to visit Susunia is winter. It is about 36 kiloeters by road from Baranti to Susunia.

8) Ajodhya Hills : Ajodhya Hills are the extension of Chhotanagpur Plateau located in the Purulia district of West Bengal. This is a renowned tourist destination now a days for its splendid natural beauty. This is a complete package with hills, falls, lakes and forest. The best time to visit this place is winter as well as monsoon. In winter, the weather is chilled whereas in monsoon the nature is adorned with greenery and water. Ajodhya hills are bit far from Baranti; the distance between two places are about 102 kilometers.

Where to stay in Baranti / Accommodation in Baranti

A large number of hotels and resorts are available in Baranti and nearby places to accommodate guests. Very few numbers of home stays are also available there in Baranti.

We have curated home stays accross North Bengal & Sikkim and you can book home stays directly with the owner without paying any commission.

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