Unforgettable Silk Route; Itinerary (3nights & 4days): Explore the Best of the Himalayas

Are you looking for tours at Silk Route in Sikkim or the best Silk Route tour package? We have brought you a one-click solution for all your queries to plan your vacation on the Silk Route. 

Our fusionstays.com made a curated plan for you to meet your touring expectation in Silk Route. 

The Silk Route is a network of roads which connects various regions and cultures between Europe and Asia. The route was established in the second century BCE. It has been one of the main reasons for the progress of civilization for many decades. And even today it is the best route for travel enthusiasts. People have swamped in this century-old tour destination every year. 

The main question is how to make the itinerary best suited for your budget and preferences. Here is the answer-

First Day, From NJP to Rishikhola

If you are travelling by train, the final stoppage is NJP or New Jalpaiguri station. Or if you are willing to take a journey by flight, Bagdogra will be the destination. Depending upon your travelling companion you may hire a private cab like Innova or Xylo (best suited for 6 adults in a group), Sumo or Bolero (accommodate 9 adults) or Dzire (for 4 adults) and start your journey towards Rishikhola, which is also known as Rishi Khola. And believe me when I say that the lush-green scenery throughout this long journey will have you playing your favourite song on repeat while you take in the peace of nature. 

Pedong is an en-route tourist point you will encounter towards Rishikhola. Pedong is a hill station and got its name from a pine tree 200 years old, standing in the middle of the town. Halt there, have lunch, and enjoy the serene beauty of Nathula and Jelep la, visible from Pedong. 

Rishikhola got its name from the short stream Reshi or Rishi. In Nepali, ‘Khola’ means stream or river. In Rishikhola, anyone would like to take a deep breath and sit beside the gurgling river and enjoy the quintessence of a meadow in the Himalayas. There are plenty of homestays in Rishikhola. Experience the local specialities and help yourself unwind for the next amazing day that awaits you in this nature’s bounty. Enjoy the evening. 

Second Day, Experience Rishikhola, Aritar and Padamchen

The next day, you’ll be immersed in local culture thanks to the most exquisite regional breakfast served in these Rishikhola homestays. Then it’s time for the Rishikhola sightseeing tour and start your journey to Padamchen. 

The awe-inspiring journey has unique tourist spots, which include the Aritar, an eastern Sikkimese town, where the meandering river with greenish-blue water awaits. Experience the great Mount Kanchenjunga in its spectacular presence.

Next, reach the Mankhim-viewpoint. You will find Mankhim temple at the elevation of 6500 ft on a hilltop. Take your time to enjoy the dazzling vistas of the north eastern Himalayas from here. 

Aritar has many things that enchant you in this recreational journey, such as the Himalayas’ emerald forests, glacial lakes, Que Khola Falls and many more. 

It is time to do some paperwork (Yeah, the papers seem to be omnipresent trails wherever we go) in Rongli, where you will get permits up to Zuluk and Nathang Valley.

To avail of the permit, you will need to provide

  • Original Voter ID Card / Driving Licence / Passport and 
  • Passport Photographs (4 copies) for each adult. 
  • Original Birth Certificate and Passport Photographs (4 copies) for each child (below 18 years).

Please keep in mind that Aadhar Card is strictly not allowed in the entire Sikkim as well as in the Silk Route. 

Before retiring to the best Padamchen homestays for the night, enjoy the calm evening and the setting sun beyond the towering hills. 

Third Day, from Padamchen to Nathang Valley, then Sillerygaon 

On day 3, Your next destination should be Nathang Valley. At the altitudes of 13500 ft and at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Nathang Valley gives you scenic landscapes. You might be bedazzled by the snowy mountains, lakes, and clear sky. No wonder, the spot will hold your entire day with a craving for spending more time in this picturesque valley. If you are into history, Nathang Valley’s battle with British colonialists in 1887 might give you spine-chilling vibes. 

Holding this iridescent memory of the valley now is the time for your next destination towards Zuluk in Sikkim. On this journey, you will encounter various spots. There is almost everything for all kinds of visitors, such as the 

  • Thambi and Lungthung Viewpoint
  • The Eagle Nest Bunker for wildlife enthusiasts
  • The enchanting Memencho and Kupup Lake
  • Krishna Temple, Shiva Temple and Buddhist Monastery for the religious soul. 

With so many stops for amusement and thought, I understand the urge for a wonderfully comfy bed to call it a good day. Hence, retreat to Sillery Gaon. Our fusionstays.com offers a range from a village-style in Sillery Gaon homestays based on your preferences and budget with the advantages of exciting coupons, discounts, and best deals.

The Day You Bid Adieu to Sillery Gaon and Back to NJP

On the fourth day of your inspiring tour, It is time to bid adieu to the Himalayas. You go back to New Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, or Bagdogra, passing through various scenic spots and witnessing the mountains shrink in size as the tires roll further away from the land

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