Discovering the Hidden Gems of Darjeeling: A 6-Day Tour Plan

So, you are again in a mode of travelling, searching for a ‘trip to Darjeeling’ or onto the mountains in your browser. Collecting information for the best itinerary on the Darjeeling tour. You have just landed on the best place to find all your answers. We have arranged a six-day tour plan for the best experience on your exploration of the hills. 

Day 1 : From NJP to Sittong

Grab your essentials and rush to your preferred mode of travelling such as train, bus or flight and reach NJP (New Jalpaiguri) railway station, Siliguri or Bagdogra. From this location, you will have your next private commercial car which help you to reach your first-day tourist spot and homestay in Sittong. 

Day 2 : First Day is Sittong Day

Sittong is called Orange Hamlet and is a place of beauty and tranquillity. Its soul-satisfying ambience was something to behold. The fresh mountain air, the sound of the streams, and the lush greenery all around made for an unforgettable experience. It was a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Sittong was part of the Kurseong division in Darjeeling, and it was a cluster of villages that stretched from lower Sittong to upper Sittong. The locals were warm and welcoming, and they were always happy to show visitors around.

There were plenty of Homestays in Sittong where visitors could spend their days and confabulate with their friends. The Homestays were cosy and comfortable, and they offered a chance to experience the local way of life. The food was delicious, and the hospitality was second to none.

Visitors to Sittong could spend their days exploring the village, trekking through the mountains, or simply relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. And in the evenings, they could gather around a bonfire and share stories with the locals.

Sittong was a place that left a lasting impression on everyone who visited. Its beauty, its people, and its atmosphere were unforgettable. And it was no wonder that it was starting to catch the attention of travellers looking for something off the beaten path.

Sightseeing in Sittong

  • Ahaldara Viewpoint
  • Namthing Pokhri
  • Mongpu
  • House of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Cinchona Plantation 
  • Orange orchards 
  • Sittong Monastery (Upper Ghaylear Longho Lepcha Buddhist monastery)
  • Jogighat Bridge and Riyang river 

Day 3 : Sittong to Chatakpur

A visit to Chatakpur is a necessity if you want to have an unforgettable experience in Darjeeling. This quiet, tranquil village with plenty of resorts and homestays at Chatakpur in the Himalayas is a nature lover’s paradise. Chatakpur is an ideal refuge for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, with spectacular vistas of the Kanchenjunga mountain range, lush green woods, and a multitude of exotic flora and wildlife. But that’s not all; Chatakpur also has a thriving indigenous community ready to share its culture and way of life with visitors. A vacation to Chatakpur offers an opportunity to interact with nature while immersing oneself in a dynamic local community, with plenty of homestays and local guides available.

Sightseeing in Chatakpur

  • Mahaldiram tea garden
  • Simring Tea Garden
  • Bagora Airforce viewpoint
  • Pokriatar viewpoint
  • What to expect, the weather, alpine trees, mist, meal, homestay. 

Day 4 : Chatakpur to Darjeeling

The road from Chatakpur to Darjeeling is one of the most attractive and gorgeous routes in West Bengal, India’s Darjeeling highlands. The road winds through the Singalila National Park’s lush green trees and provides stunning vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas. 

One of the most appealing aspects of tourism in Darjeeling is the opportunity to learn about the town’s unique blend of Indian and British cultures. Darjeeling was historically a summer getaway for British colonial officials, and the town’s architecture, cuisine, and traditions bear the impression of that past.

Day 5 : Spending A Day in Darjeeling

Staying in a heritage hotel allows you to experience the colonial era’s grandeur and elegance, with spacious rooms, antique furnishings, and panoramic views of the surrounding hills and tea gardens. Hotels are frequently positioned in the centre of the city, among prominent attractions, restaurants, and shops.

If you prefer a more rural and eco-friendly experience, you can stay in a farm stay or homestay in Darjeeling, where you will live with local families and learn about their everyday lives and traditions. Homestays provide warm and cosy lodging, home-cooked meals, and opportunities to learn about local culture and customs.

More sightseeing 

  • Tiger Hill, 
  • Batasialoop, 
  • Ghoom Monastery, 
  • Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda, 
  • Happy Valley Tea Estate, 
  • Observatory Hill, 
  • Ava Art Gallery, 
  • Dali Monastery or Druk Choeling monastery

Day 6 : Refreshed, It’s Time to Board Back 

After five days of tranquility, your lovely adventure through the quiet hills comes to an end, and it’s time to bid farewell and return to the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with handy choices to get back to NJP, Siliguri or Bagdogra. We offer a seamless and comfortable ride back, allowing you to savour the memories and bring a bit of the hills with you as you depart, whether you prefer the flexibility of renting a cab or the ease of organising a Darjeeling tour package through your hotel or travel agent.

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