Experience the Tranquility of the Silk Route (4night & 5day tour): An Itinerary for the Adventurous Soul

Are you ready for an adventure on the Silk Route tour? Close your eyes and picture yourself wandering in a coniferous forest, surrounded by misty mountains and tall, cone-shaped trees. Or perhaps you’d prefer to spend your holiday in a quaint mountain village, immersing yourself in its plain and simple fashion and livelihoods.

But planning a Silk Route tour can be overwhelming with so many destinations and tour packages to choose from. That’s where our website comes in. We’ve curated an itinerary that will help you maximize your experience and make the most of your time on the Silk Route.

On the first day,

You’ll start your journey from the New Jalpaiguri railway station to Icchegaon. This small rustic hamlet nestled in the Himalayas will take your breath away with its stunning views of mountains and green coniferous forests. Take a trek to a small stream or visit nearby locations like Gorubathan tea garden, Kalimpong, or Deolo Hill. Enjoy the mountain roads, and decorated houses with local floral plants, and experience the harmonious way of life of the people and other inhabitants in the area.

Are you excited for the next day? Keep reading our blog for more details and make a better plan for your holidays on the Silk Route. Get ready for a journey full of tranquillity and awe-inspiring appeal.

The next morning, 

After a hearty meal, it’s time to visit Lingtam or Lingtum, a small hamlet with pleasant weather and monasteries that will satisfy your spiritual soul and inner peace. From there, you can visit Pedong, Rishikhola, and Rongli for more sightseeing or get your permits for Zuluk if you’re planning to visit it on the Silk Route. To get the permit you will need  

  • Original Voter ID card / Driving Licence / Passport 
  • Photographs (4 copies) for each adult. 
  • Original Birth Certificate and Passport Photographs (4 copies) for each child below 18 years. 

Please note that Aadhar Card is strictly not allowed in Sikkim as well as in entire Silk Route

End the evening by sitting beside a bonfire and enjoying the night on the hilltop before sinking into the comfy bed in the homestay at Lingtam.


Your destination will be Zuluk. Zuluk has an official, ”Dzuluk” and many unofficial spellings such as Jhuluk, and Jaluk. This beautiful heaven of Himalaya is in Pangkhola Wild-life Sanctuary. 

Once an important Silk Route centre, Zuluk is still a popular mega-tourist destination in Sikkim. You can experience the old trade route to fill your thirst for adventure which is started from Kalimpong and stretches through Pedong, Aritar, and Jelepla to Chumbi Valley in Tibet.

Stay the night in Zuluk homestays which are impressive in their services. Don’t worry about the next day. We have planned it all. 

On The Next Day,

After your daily and essential chores, get ready to visit Aritar. On your way, you will pass through Lingtam. If anything was left at the first visit to Lingtam, now you can experience that rest of enjoyment here. 

The breathtaking journey features one-of-a-kind tourist attractions, especially Aritar, an eastern Sikkimese hamlet where a gurgling river with greenish-blue water awaits. Experience the majestic majesty of Mount Kanchenjunga in Aritar. There are many well-accommodated homestays in Aritar full of alluring activities like trekking, and sightseeing to Aritar Lake and Mulkharka Lake. If possible, stay there one more day and have a glimpse of this beautiful hill station. 1 night is must in Aritar homestay. .

And It’s Time to Return to

Siliguri on your 5th day. You can hire cabs according to your suitability to reach Siliguri, Bagdogra or NJP, such as luxury cabs for a maximum of 7 adults or regular cabs for a maximum of 9 or 4 adults.

The Silk Route offers an adventurous experience with breathtaking views and unique tourist attractions that are sure to make your journey memorable. So, pack your bags, book your homestays and get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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