5 Best Riverside Homestays and Resorts in North Bengal and Dooars

Imagine you are sitting beside a narrow strip of a river on a mountain slope which is a reminiscence of the lives of civilization in the mountains. You take a deep breath, holding a cup of tea, nibble your biscuit and enjoy the serene highlands of North Bengal. If you like this kind  of scenery to indulge in the beauty of the Himalayas, you need to check out these five Riverside homestays and Resorts in North Bengal and Dooars. 

Bamboo Resort and ATV Park, BijanBari 

Bamboo Resort and ATV Park at Bijanbari is a bamboo-plated resort with every comfortability you can adhere to in your vacation. The resort and its adjacent rejuvenated park are nearby the Rangit River. After lodging at the resort, go to the riverbank with your companion and enjoy the emotionally showering and refreshing moments. 

Bijanbari is a beautiful small town located in Darjeeling at an altitude of 2,500ft (760m). There are many nearby hamlets in this region. It encompasses mountain peaks and the most eye-catching mighty Kanchenjunga. River Rangeet is flowing cut through Bijanbari making it a picturesque and tranquil tourist destination in North Bengal. 

At the Rangit riverside with your loved ones, you experience the inner peace you have so forgotten in the hustling and bustling city life. Rangit is filled with green semi-transparent water and a rock-patched river bank. The stream is powerful and can carry you when you decide to take a dip into the river, so be careful while enjoying swimming in there. 

Yalmo Homestay, Tabakoshi 

Surrounded by a lush green valley of tea plantations and majestic mountains, Yalmo Homestay is an ideal destination for couples and families. Located in the beautiful Tabakoshi village, it is nourished by the braided Rangbhang River, which is about 1 monute walking from here. Tabakoshi, also known as the Tea Village, is home to the renowned Gopaldhara Tea Estate, where you can experience the aroma of Darjeeling tea in its purest form. Despite being situated on the slopes of the mountains, Tabakoshi is still relatively undiscovered as a tourist destination.

Yalmo Homestay in Tabakoshi offers four rooms for couples and individuals, as well as lodges that can accommodate up to six people. Indulge in delicious food while seated by the riverside, basking in the morning air filled with the melodious chirping of mountain birds. Take a leisurely stroll to the nearby groves, blessed with tranquillity and abundant flora and fauna. As the day bids farewell, once again, sit by the riverbank and immerse yourself in the vast, glistening sky, knowing that sleep is yet another dream destination. 

The RJ Homestay, Jhalong

Nestled amidst the vast open valley of Jhalong, The RJ Homestay beckons enthusiastic travellers like you, offering a true river side feeling in the lap of the North Bengal Highlands at Dooars. 

Experience a few days’ respites here and witness your own rejuvenation. After a warm welcome and settling in, savor your coffee on the open ground by the riverside, where a gentle breeze caresses you. As the day unfolds, bask in the embrace of bright sun rays or soft white cotton clouds that grace these mountains, allowing yourself to melt away as you explore the riverside.

Chumang River Nest, Todey

Nestled amidst the vast open valley of Todey, Chumang River Nest Homestay offers a true haven for enthusiastic travellers like you, resting on the lap of North Bengal. Todey, a small village near Kalimpong, is blessed with the meandering River Tangta flowing through its heart. 

Indulge in a few days of relaxation at Chumang River Nest Homestay and witness your own rejuvenation. After a warm welcome and settling in, savour your coffee on the open ground by the riverside, where a gentle breeze caresses you. As the day unfolds, be enchanted by the vibrant sun rays or the soft, cotton-like clouds that grace these majestic mountains, immersing yourself in the serenity of the riverside.

Royal Eco Hut 

Royal Eco Hut is a riverside cottage consisting of five cottages located in Nagrakata, Dooars, North Bengal. Nagrakata is renowned for its Jaldhaka River, which flows alongside the Royal Eco Hut. The river is about 2 minutes walking from here. Situated at the foothills of Gorumara Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaldapara National Park, Nagrakata is a stunningly lush green destination.

You have the opportunity to experience walking through the river, but it is essential to exercise caution due to the strong current. Take a few days to enjoy the serene river, leisurely strolling along its banks. As Jaldhaka is a significant water source for the North Bengal region, it is crucial to refrain from littering in the river or on its banks

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